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2020 & 2021: On-the-Road with Dr. DREAM & Stephanie

Dr. DREAM, Stephanie and the Band of Angels are continuing to spread the LOVE;

Dr. DREAM is successfully recovering from a double-stroke (9/11/2020). We spent the last month in Lawrence (November), Kansas, and will be healing in Tucson, Arizona for the next few months!   

We are discussing Tour plans for 2021!!!

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Be The Change, Simplified. With Dr. DREAM from Anjula Ram on Vimeo.

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Our signature offering;
333 Tibetan Healing Bowl Galactivation!!!

Dr. DREAM & Stephanie are "geographically-untethered", living life on-the-road, from event to event...sharing the LOVE...Please join us - see our Events Page...

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We have sourced the finest pure Rose Otto
Wildcrafted Essential Oil - InJOY!
Pure Rose Otto Esential Oil - therapeutic grade

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